3 questions you need to ask yourself before any attempt to lose weight. And be absolutely honest about them.


Mirror, mirror on the wall… who’s the most honest of them all?


Whether it’s your first attempt to lose weight or you’ve actually lost count of them, every time you are on square one, you are likely to feel determined and ready to shed those pounds once and for all. But if you want the outcome to be successful, you should start by facing your biggest ally and at the same time your worst enemy on this journey:




So, stand in front of your mirror, be honest to yourself and answer three simple questions.


Three pre-weight-loss questions. You need to answer these honestly before any attempt to lose weight. | Healthy Bits and Bites


1. “Do I really need to lose weight?”

During my own weight loss adventure, as my weight loss was becoming obvious I started hearing comments like “How did you do it? Why can’t I succeed?” voiced by perfectly normal-sized people and sometimes people that one could easily call skinny!

There are thousands of influences out there that could cause us to have a distorted opinion of our body image. Of course the important thing for everyone is to feel good in their body. But if you don’t, think about it again. Don’t just count on weight charts and indexes. They might be indicative of our overall size but some flexibility is always accepted even by experts.

Who do you usually compare your body image to? Are you really overweight or are you being a very strict judge of yourself? Give it a second thought. Then go on and set realistic goals based on a real-life, ideal body image of yourself.


Three Pre-weight-loss Questions | Healthy Bits and Bites


2. “Who am I doing this for?”

You might be doing this for your husband because you’ve noticed the way his eyebrow raises at the sight of your skinny, fit, next-door neighbor.

You might be doing this for your wife because she keeps “reminding” you how handsome you looked when she first met you.

You might be doing this for your best friend who’s getting married in a few months and wants you to be his best man or her maid of honor and would like you to look your best.

All these may sound like great motivation – and they are, as long as they’re just a motivating occasion and not your actual reason. Otherwise, you’ll be taking orders from someone to start something you might not be ready for. And the chances of failure begin to rise.
You have to do this for you. In other words, you must want this badly. And such a strong desire can only be yours!


Three Pre-weight-loss Questions | Healthy Bits and Bites



3. “Am I ready for the changes involved?”

Let’s face it. Any big life change requires sacrifices.

When you decided to go into university, when you moved far away to another city to pursue the career of your dreams, when you took the big step of getting married, when you accepted the huge responsibility of becoming a parent, you had to leave some of your habits behind.

Well, now you’re about to change yourself. You’re about to change the only thing that has been with you ever since the first second of your life and will carry you through to your last breath on this planet:

Your body.

Does this sound like an unimportant change compared to the ones mentioned above? Then why wouldn’t it require sacrifices?


Three Pre-weight-loss Questions | Healthy Bits and Bites


Focus on your goal and make these sacrifices worthwhile. Embrace them and they’ll lead you to a new version of yourself!


Congratulations! You practiced your first lesson of honesty to yourself. That was easy, wasn’t it?

It might sound unimportant but it isn’t. If you think about it, you’ve lied to yourself many times. You’ve found ridiculous excuses for not exercising or for overeating, haven’t you? I know I had, all those years that I had been watching the scale move upwards…
But honesty is the foundation for any successful and productive relationship. And only if you have established such a relationship with yourself, will you reach your goal one day.


Three Pre-weight-loss Questions | Healthy Bits and Bites
Face yourself, face your fears, face your challenges. Get ready for change!


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