Life is beautiful.


And it’s even more beautiful and more enjoyable when we’re healthy.


A healthy body and a healthy mind both require healthy eating habits and movement.


So, what exactly is healthy eating?


Let’s start by what it’s not.


Healthy eating is not restrictions.

It’s not monotony.

It’s not boring.

It’s not considering food as just fuel.


Food is so much more than fuel. It’s culture. It’s social interaction. It’s inspiration. It’s even art!


And healthy eating does not have to be boring. Natural ingredients can combine in so many different ways to give us so many delicious and mouth-watering options for all our meals.


If we want to eat healthy, we are not obliged to limit our options to a handful of foods that are considered right. We just have to use our cooking skills, no matter how inadequate we think they are. And our imagination.


For a healthy eater, almost nothing is prohibited. Even the unhealthy options are somewhat “healthy” when they are chosen once in a while. When the unhealthy is the exception and not the rule, the body can’t be harmed. And the mind benefits. Because we’re humans. And “restrictions” does not sound good to us when it comes to food.


And then there’s exercise.


Our bodies were made to move. For work. For transportation. For fun.


Not to punish them for overeating. Not to force them to shrink. Not to follow the trends.


Healthy eating and exercise have to be habits that are chosen, not inflicted.


That being said, let’s cook, eat, move and be happy.


Let’s live.



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